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GHOST TOURS START MAY 7! Restless spirits haunt these streets! Hear tales from the spooky side of Atlanta on the Little 5 Points Ghost Tour. Join our clairvoyant tour guides on a mile long, 1.5 hour trek through the neighborhood's most historic and eerie landmarks, in search of long ago lost souls and their apparitions. You may encounter phantasms such as Lady Sintana from House of Ravenwood, the resident ghosts of 7Stages, Deacon Lunchbox, Gregory Davis, and more. Don't be afraid to bring a camera... Little 5 Points’ most spooky residents are not known for resting quietly. 

Tours meet at L5P Community Center parking lot at least once a weekend, and last from 7pm - 8:30pm. It will be a scary good time! Visit for booking and more information.

2022 L5P Heart mural. Another awesome mural. Thanks everyone who purchased a heart. L5P LOVES YOU! Unveiling 2/13/22 at 4pm.

2021 L5P Halloween MonsterFest was great fun this year!  There were lots of creative monsters all through L5P and vendors. Bands were awesome also! Thank you Shane Morton, Punk Black, Bizarre Bazaar, committee members, businesses who participated and anyone else I may have left off. 

Blind Willie Mosaic Relocation and Restoration - Unveiling celebration August 29, 4pm at L5PCAC. Music by W8ing4UFO's and Larry Griffith Acoustic duo.  See video here   The mosaic's artist, Jason Evers Johnson, was commissioned to do the mosaic in 2005 for Findley Plaza. Since Findley Plaza is scheduled for renovation, the mosaic was going to be thrown away by the city. Don and Judy Bender stepped in and saved the art. The mosaic has been stored at the L5PCAC for two years. Moving and restoring it has been a very expensive endeavor since just one piece of the mosaic weighs 800 pounds (and it is in about 15 big pieces). Jason was flown here from his present home in Italy to restore the mosaic and is using the kintsugi method of restoration. This method repairs the lines of the broken pieces with gold and treats the breakage as part of the history of the object rather than something to disguise. Donate and receive an engraved brick to help with the costs here. 

L5P HALLOWEEN - go to for more info!  NO PARADE THIS YEAR!! Oct 1 - 31, L5P Ghost Tours, and Self Guided Halloween Photo Walk; Oct 6, HalloWINE Photo Exhibit Crawl; Oct 15, Monsterball; Oct. 16 & 17 L5P HALLOWEEN MONSTERFEST which includes bands, monster artists, monster hunt, and more! Oct 30, Halloween part 2 (look for details); Oct 31, Big Trouble in L5 SkateFest.

Look for L5P COMMUNITY CLEAN UPS Sundays at 10 am (meet at Findley Plaza, 1146 Euclid Ave)


With the arrival of the trolley car in 1908, L5P was one of the first commercial districts outside of downtown Atlanta. On this self-guided tour you will learn about the history of L5P through the legacy businesses and architecture of the neighborhood. L5P has developed and on-going self-guided tour with Emory University and Freedom Park Conservancy.  Go here to go on the self guided tour.

HAPPY MARDI GRAS  2021 - Fat Tuesday celebration with Seed and Feed Stampede

Feb 14, 2021 we celebrated our LOVE-IN MURAL at 448 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta. Thank you Rolf, the mural artist

2020 L5P Halloween Spookathon and Virtual Parade

The 2020 L5P Halloween Festival & Parade has morphed into the 2020 L5P Halloween Spookathon and Virtual Parade. Turn on that computer, order some to-go food & cocktails from L5P restaurants or bars, order L5P store & festival merchandise, & get ready to lift your spirits !! 

We have lots of Virtual FestEvil fun planned for ALL of October to raise money for the Little 5 Points Business Association (L5PBA). We need your SUPPORT so we can keep the Festival and Parade ALIVE for 2021--and also for other L5P neighborhood improvements. Last year's freaky hurricane winds and rain washed away any hopes of a successful fundraiser.  RIP Parade FUNDS 2019. 

Go to to donate.  

2020 L5P Halloween Spookathon and Virtual Parade

"L5P may be a Ghost Town but we are all here in spirit"

A 31 day Virtual Fundraiser to raise $$ for the 2021 Festival & Neighborhood Improvements


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